President Biden Issues 27 Executive Actions in Three Days

By Katherine Goelz 

January 24, 2021 

During his first three days in office, President Joe Biden issued twenty-seven executive actions, orders, and memoranda. These presidential actions were targeted toward his immediate agenda priorities regarding coronavirus, the economy, climate change, and immigration. His actions included: 

  • An order that mandates the use of masks on federal properties and urges all Americans to wear masks in an effort to slow the pandemic; 
  • Enforcement of laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity; 
  • An order for OSHA to release clear guidance on, and strict enforcement of, COVID-19 safety measures; 
  • An action requiring the use of masks in airports and in all forms of public transportation; and 
  • An executive order directing the Office of Personnel Management to begin plans to implement a $15 per hour minimum wage for federal employees and contractors. 

These executive actions are just the beginning of an ambitious 100-day legislative agenda for the Biden administration, which is centered around the impact of the pandemic on the economy. Last week, President Biden proposed a $1.9 trillion economic stimulus plan, entitled the “American Rescue Plan,” which is already facing opposition by several key Republicans, including Senators Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski. The purpose of the plan is to assist small businesses that have been devasted by the pandemic, direct a nationwide plan for distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, and the disbursement of another round of $1,400 stimulus payments.  

It remains to be seen whether President Biden can accomplish his key objectives, which will most certainly be stymied by former president Trump’s second impeachment trial, set to begin February 8th.  

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